bdswis corso opzioni binarie Sandro Hippodam better known by his stage name S.Rise is a singer – songwriter, hailing  from Guadeloupe renowned for his conscious lyricism; touching on testaments of life from around the world and a strong advocate for live instrumentation in his performances. His career as a solo artist began in 2010 with his release of his debut single ‘Pas de Bling Bling’ receiving positive reviews and a demand for more. site de rencontre gratuit 2013 Prior to going solo S.Rise has been involved in music for 10+ years, it was in 2004 when the passion for music was cemented and became a mission; Firstly as a member of ‘Can We Be One’, with artists originating from the Caribbean, Africa and Europe.

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source url Later evolving into the ‘Musicalistik’ in 2006 with long time companions Dundee & Mad’rass with success touring the UK, Netherlands, Paris and Guadeloupe.

source S.R.L. - Via Grota Del Diau Zot 1 - 34074 Monfalcone (GO)45.7899713.56284: visualizza indirizzo, numero di telefono, CAP, mappa, indicazioni It was in 2008 when S.Rise & Dundee formed Frenglish Connexion along with K9 (UK rapper and producer) after undeniable chemistry with their performance in Berlin, Germany. Later finding success supporting artists; Beenie Man, Féfé (Saïan Supa Crew), Phife Dawg, Chip-Fu and Jean Michel Rotin in concerts around Europe. It was in 2010 when Frenglish amicably disbanded in pursuit of solo careers. With a broadened palette of production S.Rise began forming his own identity drawing from Afro-caribbean artists; Kassav, Jean Michel Rotin and Zouk Machine, along with traditional reggae from the likes of Bob Marley, Peter Toch and Gregory Isaac and a strong influence from american 90’s Hip-Hop through culture defining artists such as Wu-Tang and Public Enemy.

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